Mr. Moatamer Amin

Maareif Founder & Board of Trustees’ Treasurer. Member of the Fifty Committee for making the Constitution, and specialized in managing NGOs dedicated to education & development.

Moatamer Amin has a long practical experience in various fields related to development, whereby he started working after graduation, from Political Science AUC 1997, in the field of Garment Manufacturing and Exporting, He spend 15 years in this Career before changing to Investment and portfolio Management for 5 years. In this field of profession, he endorsed his efforts through studying and holding the professional certification of CMT for technical analysis, and CFA level II for financial analysis. By 2012, he wanted so much to get involved in the career of development as he had a vision to help the country through improving education & training. Since he made this shift, he worked in Misr El Khier Foundation and handled the Technical & Vocational Clusters. He initiated a number of successful projects with various Educational and Training Entities, including and not limited to, Arab Academy, Ministry of Education, TVET, Ministry of Education, AUC, Mennya University. The training fields included many programs like training for hiring, dual education, and establishing a number of technical schools as well as Institutions in the field of renewable energy, water distillation, logistics, and agricultural field.

He is also a writer publishing a daily article in Al-Maqal News paper since March 2015. He is focused on political analysis, economic analysis, development, and education. Through his daily article he trying to highlight the importance of the human factor in development and trying to direct the attention of the officials to the importance of education.

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From Sept – to Dec 2013, Member of the Committee of Fifty  (substitute)

Moatamer Amin have had the Honour of participating in making Egypt latest Constitution of 2013. He was actively participated in writing the Articles in various sections including Education, Municipalities, and Political System & Intellectual Property.  

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